Best Practices

Creating Prerelease Photo & Video Assets

Create for a Purpose

  • If a business process requires an image of a specific detail of a product or package, selectively capture only this detail in images rather than capturing the entire object and cropping, to avoid creating assets with unnecessary IP content.
  • If an image or video is needed by a third party to fulfill a business process, licensees should supply the digital asset, rather than supplying samples to the third party for asset creation, whenever possible.
  • If a licensee must send samples to a third party for non-public-facing asset creation, these samples should have a prominent, unique indelible marking applied so they are identifiable in all images/videos captured legitimately and illicitly, should this occur.
  • If a third party must create image/video assets on site, licensees should require the third party to use a uniquely identifying backdrop for all assets they create, such as one printed with their company logo or name.
  • Return of samples by third parties should be prearranged as a condition of receiving them, and enforced by the licensee.
  • Whether licensee is creating image/video assets internally or sending samples to a third party that will be used to create image/video assets, they should send at the latest point that can support business needs, to limit the span in which the samples or assets represent unrevealed IP.

Create within a Process

  • Define points in production when images must regularly be captured for internal or third-party needs and support these points with designated staff who can serve as centralized sources and stewards. Staff should understand creation, storage, and distribution of images/videos, sourcing and shipment of physical samples, the IP content of the items and assets they are handling, and the specific needs of the third parties being served.
  • Use designated equipment that is not able to connect to the internet or any private cloud storage accounts to capture images/videos.
  • Remove any IP components of samples being shipped to third parties that will not be required for their process –for example, if packaging contains IP images/text, and is not needed, remove samples from packages before shipping.