Best Practices

Trade Shows and Public Events

During the Event

  • All staff present should be able to determine the confidentiality status of any item in storage by location designation or by coded labeling on boxes/wrapping.
  • Any product planned for public reveal at the show at a specific time/date should be clearly labeled with that time/date. Any product that is to remain confidential through the duration of the event (extra or back-up product not on display in a confidential viewing area, or items brought to an event for a specific customer or guest that will not be on display at any time) should be clearly labeled and distinguishable as such.
  • All relevant staff should be aware of guest lists or other means to identify parties who will be permitted to access unrevealed material during the event.
  • All relevant staff should be aware of confidentiality restrictions relating to guests who are permitted to view unrevealed material. Restrictions can vary by event, by material involved, and by guest, so guidance should be as detailed as needed.
  • All staff should be aware of how and to whom questions should be directed, if they are unsure about guest access or guest confidentiality restrictions. Providing a standardized script for these moments can help staff be firm in upholding restrictions until they are sure they can be relaxed.
  • Unrevealed items should be physically covered or obscured in both storage and in confidential display spaces when not actively being viewed, to prevent accidental reveal if the space is improperly accessed.

Teardown and Pack-Out

  • All unrevealed material should be packed prior to the full event strike to the extent possible.
  • All unrevealed material that must be packed out during the main event strike should be packed as soon as possible when the strike commences and moved to a secure staging area for transport before revealed material is packed.
  • Internal staff should be used to tear down, pack, and move unrevealed material whenever possible.
  • Accurate and complete packing records should be generated while packing out of an event and reconciled upon return to an internal facility.
  • Employees should not hand carry unrevealed material out of an event without specific arrangement and precautions arranged prior to event strike.