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Asset Lifecycle End Leaks

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  • Contracted vendor creates early concept work, and posts work publicly believing it to be acceptable as the items are of their own creation.
  • Contracted vendor retains file copies after digital art is delivered, andis subject to a data breach that exposes confidential material.
  • Reference material provided to a contracted vendor by a licensee is not collected prior to end of contract and remains in their hands past the end of the relationship.
  • Early concept material is created by licensee before full understanding of embargo from licensor, andis not identified as embargoed material once the embargo is communicated.
  • Projects are bid by licensee to several vendors, and reference material provided to losing vendors is not collected.


  • Licensee provides all contracted vendors with requirements for returning and surrendering all physical materials loaned or generated as part of contract prior to asset delivery.
  • Licensee requires all vendors to purge all digital material from personal possession upon delivery of final assets, andreminds vendors of the obligation upon delivery
  • Licensor refrains from providing any potentially sensitive reference that has an undetermined embargo status to licensees.
  • Embargoed items are bid to vendors without inclusion of sensitive assets –vendors who cannot work in these parameters are not eligible to receive sensitive projects from licensee.


  • Vary reference provided to licensees (by licensors) or vendors (by licensees) in uniquely identifying ways that to not affect core content. Link to Easter Egg Content Markers best practices.
  • Create and enforce minimum standards of digital hygiene and security for contracted vendors working on embargoed projects.


  • Licensor provides unique reference material to each licensee in early project stages.
  • Licensee centrally logs all contracted vendors receiving reference and generating assets for an embargoed project and monitors the duration of their content possession.•Require the use of an identifying backdrop, containing the facility name or logo, when documentation images of physical work at vendors are captured. Link to Creating Documentation Photo/Video Assets best practices.