Top Risks

Conceptual Information Leak

Target Process
Target Asset


  • Sensitive conceptual information is not identified as sensitive to early business partners, andis not treated confidentially before formal asset turnover.
  • Sensitive text is an integral part of a product’s design (book title, item name, package copy) and is not protected as IP during production or selling activities.
  • Sensitive conceptual information is incorporated into a promotional campaign that cannot be tightly tied to an embargo date and is publicly available prior to embargo.
  • Sensitive conceptual information is included in branding art or retail display art that cannot be tightly tied to an embargo date and is set in public locations prior to embargo.
  • Sensitive character or location names are included as components of retail item names and must be loaded into POS or other inventory systems prior to embargo.


  • Licensor refrains from sharing conversational details on sensitive conceptual content without verbal indication of a projected embargo.
  • LicensorandLicensee agree not to incorporate sensitive conceptual information into copy for an item unless it is a business necessity for that item.
  • Licensee refrains from using sensitiveconceptual information in promotional or branding/retail display material unless the licensee has direct control over public implementation.
  • Sensitive product names are coded during development and selling in all applications where names are not business critical, andupdated in all information systems to real names as close to embargo timing as business needs allow.


  • Link to Code Names best practices.
  • Product planning, development, and marketing material should not include references to sensitive conceptual information unless necessary – location and character names should be generic or excluded, plot points should be stated generically (battle, finale, journey), remove or “generic silhouette” embargoed characters.


  • Licensor provides unique conversational versions of sensitive conceptual information to each licensee to identify the source of conversational leaks.
  • Licensor ensures licensees use unique code names in development and pitching of items with sensitive conceptual information enmeshed in their content or title.