Top Risks

Ecomm Asset Leaks

Target Process
Target Asset
Digital Retail


  • A retail page for an item that includes embargoed product assets is unintentionally live and searchable before the product is slated to be sold.
  • A retail page for an item that includes embargoed product assets is intentionally live before a slated go-live date/time.
  • An advertising asset not directly linked to retail of a specific item is published before an embargoed item it features is revealed.
  • A merchandising banner graphic for a webpage or eComm storefront includes an embargoed product along with non-embargoed products, andis uploaded/live before the embargo date.
  • An asset provided securely to retail for future ecommuse is posted to social media or fan board sites before the embargo date.


  • Licensee communicates embargo dates, including time zone, to any customer receiving assets, and requires confirmation of understanding.
  • Licenseerestricts product asset release to latest possible timing tomeetcustomer need.
  • Licensee tiers product asset release to retail in accordance with ability to hold for a go-live time/date.
  • Licensor and License change embargo dates only within a window of time agreed to as actionable by customer.Retail customers with global content systems ensure assets can be centrally managed to embargo date at regional/local level before being granted access to embargoed assets.
  • Retail customersensuresecure storage and restricted access for embargoed assets during staging process.


  • Regularly perform comprehensive testing of systems holding embargoed assets should be performed through automated means.
  • Provide thorough and consistent training to team members building pages on eComm platforms on how to setup and implement security features. These should be memorialized into a step-by-step written procedure and updated every time the platform is updated.
  • Refrain from developing advertising or merchandising material that incorporates embargoed items into non-embargoed items, regardless of intended release timing.


  • Retail customers enable systems that can track image upload and page release bydate and by performing employee.
  • Licensee uses page analytics on all launched pages for retail sites to ensure embargo dates are working correctly.•Licensee engages webpage/eComm scraping technologies and social media keyword searches to detect any early asset release in the lead-up to a significant embargo date.
  • Through background or pose changes, licensee provides unique image assets to each customer receiving prior to embargo date.