Top Risks

Unauthorized Product Image Leaks

Target Process
Production & Distibution
Target Asset
Finished goods


  • Sales team members take pictures using personal devices to accommodate retail requests.
  • Staff at photo/video studios take pictures during ad asset shoots using personal devices to document set.
  • Staff or other attendees take personal pictures during live event set-up.
  • Customers take personal pictures during private viewing when licensee is not present.
  • Vendor staff takes personal pictures on production line or in finished goods storage area.
  • Warehouse staff take personal pictures while holding stock at distribution centers.
  • Retail staff take personal pictures in stock staging areas.
  • Accreditation or testing facility staff take personal pictures of samples their office receives.


  • Drape, box or otherwise cover embargoed items at live events when restricted access cannot be ensured.
  • Segregate embargoed from non-embargoed materials for transport to any unrestricted location/event to allow maximum control over unpacking.
  • Hold embargoed product in storage areas with additional access controls at vendors, distribution centers and third-party business partner locations.
  • Require vendors, distribution centers, and all third-party business partners to limit employee cell phone use in restricted access areas.
  • Restrict cell phone use at live events and photo/video shoots for internal staff, third parties, and guests
  • Require retail to prohibit staff from breaking carton seals on product until embargo date is reached.


  • Ensure cell phone use policies are both stated and enforced at all supply chain locations (vendors, distribution centers, labs).•
  • Ensure cell phone use policies are both stated and enforced for internal staff and guests in any event venue where embargoed items may be present.•
  • Ensure secure event setup and tear-down procedures are followed. Link to Events/Shows best practices.


  • Ensure all locations holding embargoed items can useCCTV, access control records, or other means of gathering information to narrow potential sources of leaked images from their facilities.•
  • Require the use of individual watermarking and approved capture and transmission channels for any images of embargoed product being generated for business needs. •
  • Physically mark embargoed product samples with a unique and prominent identifier when product is required for a need that should not involve photography.